Can Eating Cheese Prevent Cavities?

Aug 4 • 1 minute read


Watch our video from Dr. William Park to find out if eating cheese can prevent cavities.


Hello my name is Dr. William Park with Blessed Smile and Smile On You Dentistry. Today I will be presenting on healthy diet choices. 

Last time we talked about the foods which are harmful for your teeth to stay away from. But what are some foods which can be good for your teeth and healthy?

Foods that are high in calcium or Vitamin D like fortified juices, milk, cheese, and other dairy products can help in strengthening your teeth and bones and can definitely help in preventing cavities. 

Nutrients and foods like fruits, veggies, legumes, and nuts will help your body fight bacterial infection and inflammation. This will help to protect your gums.

Crisp roots and raw veggies like apples, carrots, and celery, can help to clean some of the build-up on your teeth and can help to freshen your breath. 

Some of the foods mentioned here like the fruits or milk do in fact contain some sugar. But as we discussed last time,  the most important factor in whether a food item cause cavities is how long the sugar hangs out inside your mouth to start breaking down the teeth. 

All the foods that are mentioned in this video are foods that will wash out quickly from your mouth. And in addition, these foods have properties which will help in strengthening the teeth or will help in wiping away some of the build-up that has accumulated. 

So in conclusion, your diet does have an important role in your oral health, and overall health. 

Try to stay away from foods that are sugary, acidic, or sticky which can cause cavities. If you need to eat these foods try to eat them around your mealtime and make sure to rinse your mouth out afterwards. 

Eat raw veggies, fruits and dairy products to keep your mouth healthy and body healthy. 

So today we talked about some healthier diet choices that you can opt for,  maybe instead of something that you've been eating in the past. Thank you for tuning in today, and please continue to tune in to our future episodes.

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