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Complete Orthodontics in Diamond Bar

young girl holding invisalign clear bracesAt Smile On You Dentistry Diamond Bar, we provide comprehensive orthodontics. Our team can diagnose and treat minor to complex alignment and bite issues regardless of your age or dental health situation. Dr. Sooji H. Lee and Dr. Ritchie Park work closely with you to straighten teeth and promote your long-term dental health.

We combine expertise with reliable treatments and advanced technology to offer orthodontic solutions designed for all ages. Our services include everything from Invisalign® aligners and Six Month Smiles® to Phase I & II orthodontics, traditional metal braces, retainers, and more!

Our experienced professionals provide trusted solutions to individuals and families seeking orthodontic treatment in Diamond Bar, Pomona, Walnut, and the surrounding communities. Contact Smile On You Dentistry Diamond Bar for complete orthodontic care today!


Orthodontic Treatments at Smile On You Dentistry Diamond Bar

woman with braces getting a dental checkupOrthodontics is a specialty branch of dentistry focusing on the health and development of your teeth, jaws, and bite. Treatment involves diagnosing and correcting concerns such as misalignment, overbites, underbites, impacted teeth, and more.

Our team can provide full treatment in one convenient location. Whatever your needs, you can find the right solution here. Our team can align teeth and address both common and complex issues at our Diamond Bar office. Many of our treatments can also alleviate TMJ pain and disorders.

Our available orthodontic solutions include:

During consultations, we take dental x-rays and impressions of your smile. We use modern, in-office technology to help us gain an understanding of your needs. Our team uses this knowledge to recommend the right solutions and a craft a treatment plan that is custom made for you. Additionally, our VIP Blessed Membership Club can help make your care more affordable. Be sure to ask us for more details!

Phase I & II Orthodontics for Proactive Treatment

Sometimes, certain conditions are easier to correct when done early. We offer Phase I & II orthodontics for children in Diamond Bar. This proactive care is designed to prevent severe issues in the future, create space for permanent teeth to emerge, and guide teeth and jaws as they are developing.

Phase I orthodontics is also known as early interceptive treatment or the “planning” phase. Treatment typically begins between ages six and ten. It involves a thorough consultation, exam, and creating a plan for long-term solutions based on your child’s needs. Our specialist takes time to diagnose their situation with accuracy.

Phase II orthodontics is also called the “active” phase. It often begins around age eleven but can be recommended to anyone after all permanent adult teeth emerge. This treatment uses one or, a series of custom orthodontic appliances designed to straighten teeth and align your bite. Options at our office include Invisalign aligners, metal and ceramic braces, headgear, spacers, expanders, and retainers. The right one for you depends on your needs.

What is Invisalign?

african american man holding invisalign clear bracesInvisalign is a system that uses a series of clear orthodontic trays and can be ideal for treating mild to moderate issues. Each set of aligners are designed to treat your unique smile and you receive a new set every two weeks. The design allows for a comfortable fit and flexible treatment as your teeth become straighter. The trays are fabricated from smooth and virtually invisible plastic.

Because of its removable design, Invisalign offers easy cleaning and hygiene without limiting your diet. However, wearing the aligners for the necessary 22 hours a day can be challenging for some. Trays must be worn, and treatment guidelines followed to ensure ideal results. For this reason, we only recommend Invisalign for adults and responsible teens who qualify.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Sixth Month Smiles combines the reliable workings of traditional braces but with a cosmetic twist. We use tooth-colored brackets and wires with innovative planning and technology to straighten teeth in as little as six months! This orthodontic solution targets the six most visible teeth in your smile, aligning them into ideal position while also correcting mild concerns quickly.

Our team often recommends six month smiles for adults who qualify. Once your braces are applied, you will visit us in six months for removal and leave our office with a new smile!

What About Metal Braces?

close up of woman with bracesTraditional braces are still a trusted and reliable treatment for correcting moderate to complex orthodontic issues. We typically begin this treatment around age eight or nine. Our team also offers metal braces for adults looking to achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

Traditional braces use metal brackets and wires, and sometimes rubber bands to position your jaws and teeth. Our orthodontist places brackets on your teeth with dental cement and threads the wire through each bracket. The treatment often requires routine adjustments and tightening to ensure teeth and jaws move into ideal position.

Orthodontic Retreatment for Adults

If you are an adult who forgot to wear your retainer, have lost yours, or you have experienced orthodontic relapse, we can help! These situations happen, and our team provides custom orthodontic retreatment, often to those in their 20s, 30s, or older.

We begin with a new orthodontic consultation and exam to determine the full extent of your situation. Then we can diagnose your current condition and create a plan to restore your smile with braces, retainers, or both. This treatment can easily combine with other cosmetic services for a full smile makeover.

Custom Retainers to Keep Your Smile Straight

Without continued stabilization, teeth can shift out of position after orthodontic treatment. We offer custom retainers to maintain your results for many years. Our retainer appliances are designed for a comfortable and effective fit.

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No matter your needs or current situation, you can expect complete orthodontic treatment from Smile On You Dentistry Diamond Bar. We are here to help your family achieve straighter, healthier smiles. Contact us to get started today!